Ciao, My name is Carlene!

My world turned to yoga about 14 years ago when I participated in my first yoga class in Conway, New Hampshire. Being a mountaineer, avid skier, rockclimber and a general thrill seeker, my first thought to myself was "Hey, if I can climb Mount Washington twice in one day,then how hard could yoga possibly be?" Well, to make a long story even longer...the warrior pose kicked my ass; I could not touch my toes in forward bend, triangle pose ended up in a pulled hamstring and within a moments time, my thoughts quickly shifted to... "Self? how are you ever going to tie your shoes at age 50, if you can not even touch your toes at the ripe old age of 28?" Well, thankfully the asana portion of the class ended, and thereafter I completely surrendered into savasana. Until this very day, I truly believe that I saw heaven in my own personal sprirtual space. From that moment, meditation and body awareness have been a magnificent part of my life. I am happy to announce that I now can touch my toes with ease (which has made the daily task of tieing my shoes much more pleasurable).  Warrior pose has become my friend and yoga has become my sister.  I continue to seek adventure in the mountains and find that yoga has built a solid foundation to balance my life out in perfect harmony with my love for nature and the outdoors.

My Yoga Style

My practice and teachings are rooted from the Kripalu Hatha tradition and stem into a colorful flower of options. The classes integrate the modern lineage of Asana blended with philosophy and yoga traditions from centuries ago.  My intention is to encourage a relaxed, yet challenging approach to yoga, meditation and body movement. Voice, mantra, sound, guitar playing and meditative healing is included in each class. All classes tone and strengthen the entire body while encouraging a higher level of awareness.

In addition to teaching, my work colleagues and I organize and host super awesome yoga/adventure holidays and creative art retreats around the Globe. All tours are with experienced yoga teachers, guides, musicians, philosophers and artists as your mentors. All holidays and workshops are carefully planned to deepen your awareness of life, yoga, meditation and the physical being. Ignite your senses while educating the wisdom of your inner being.


See what's coming up for the year 2014... Cheers!

PHILOSOPHY and YOGA with Carlene at Chi-Loft Yoga Studio in Furstenfeldbruck, Germany


YOGA HIKES in the White Mountains Retreat, New Hampshire - September 2014 click above


The Sun Salutation

My Music

The Studio

Pienzenauerstrasse 31a, Munich


Philosophy, Yoga & the 7 Senses
Beginning Saturdays, January 18th
Chi Loft Yoga, Furstenfeldbruck, Germany
Teacher: Carlene

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